Help us build an alternative to the inaccessable film industry.

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Our Current Projects:

Equipment Share

Pooling film equipment to break the barrier to expensive gear

Fair Film Project

Facilitating and sustaining healthy film projects


The lack of a healthy space where we can all contribute to our culture through filmmaking has led to the formation of The Film Cult.We have been misled by an Industry convincing us that exclusivity and suffering are required features of our art form. Industry has glorified the mistreatment of our bodies, our relationships and our minds.We are passionate that we ought to take up an alternative space of our own, to practice a different way of filmmaking.We exist for the many denied opportunities in the film industry and those struggling to maintain life within it.We are calling out the current toxic reality of film work while dreaming, building and maintaining a real-world alternative. Our projects challenge how we access the tools, the knowledge, the capacity and the community needed to create films.Through accessible, diverse and healthy filmmaking we can nurture the voices and stories previously locked out from this medium, evolve the art form and reclaim our right to culture.We have come together to build a bright alternative to the current filmmaking practice.Join us on this ambition.

No one belongs here more than you...

1. Attend a Cult Orientation

Learn more about The Film Cult, our aims and the different ways you can get involved at an orientation event.Sign up for our next initiation!

2. Working Groups

Get directly involved with one of our working groups.Equipment Share
Fair Film Production

3. Attend Cult Meetings

Take part in group decision making, research and action at our wider cult assemblies.Other ways to be involved?

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Facilitating and Sustaining Healthy Film Projects

But Why?

Films do not need to be made under the current practice of overwork, stress, exclusivity and so on. It is neccissary they are made instead in a healthy sustainable way for the artform to become universally accessible.The more people we have practicing the artform, the more diverse, insightful and transformative the films will be! The happier our filmmakers will be also :)

And How?

The cult will be assembling in the new year to begin the initial discussions on this project.Potential actions will include the creation of a fair film badge (like fair trade) to show a commitment and achievement in fair practices.The facilitation of film project(s) to demonstrate the concept.

We are trying to gather the resources and money to launch this project, please consider supporting with a donation!

The Film Cult

Equipment Share

Film Equipment For Everyone

What we are doing:• Making the tools of filmmaking affordable to everyone!• Facilitating the creation of independent film projects• Reducing waste and promoting sharing

Together we've saved creators:


By pooling our resources for common good the expensive filmmaking ladder has been brought down a peg or two!

By providing access to:


worth of film equipment rented out since our launch.


54 Projects

in the last five months!

Support the pay it forward fund!

Some of our community still cannot afford to access our equipment. We have a pay it forward fund for anyone struggling to afford equipment for their project.Those of us with more means can support the fund through the 'pay it forward' account on the share website.Email us to see how we can support you if you are struggling!


Where is the equipment share?

The Nexus Room
9, St Peters Buildings,

Film Cult!

The Film Cult is built around the concept that your environment influences creative work and that the current environment pushes most individuals out of filmmaking. Our main ambition is to create an environment that does the opposite. This alternative to screen culture will allow access to a sustainable form of filmmaking that doesn’t inflict health.

We believe having a physical space will allow us to have a larger influence on our environment. A long term goal of ours is to have a location which inspires healthy filmmaking.

Very ominous and mysterious - we know. Let us do some other culty stuff first as we develop this long term proposal.


No one belongs here more than you.
Support the cult in whatever capacity suits best.


The most valuable thing of all. We would love to get you involved as a member of decision makers in our group organisation!


Some of your money can be turned into direct action towards a world you want to live in.View our transparent spending


We are on the hunt for:
- Film Equipment
- Anything else we might be able to use!


If you are part of a group, organisation or business with simular principles or goals we would be keen to create solidarty with you!


You could support us by offering your valuable skills - are you in the industry? Trained in something? Or an experienced community organiser?


Strengthen our fight through social media by following and sharing.

1. Attend a Cult Orientation

Learn more about The Film Cult, our aims and the different ways you can get involved at an orientation event.Sign up for our next initiation!

2. Working Groups

Get directly involved with one of our working groups.Equipment Share
Fair Film Production

3. Attend Cult Meetings

Take part in group decision making, research and action at our wider cult assemblies.

Working Groups

Working Groups are subgroups within The Film Cult formed around areas of interest, such as a programme like the Equipment Share, or tasks like social media. Working Groups organise autonomously and use consensus decision making to ensure all members have an equal say on decisions which will effect them. Groups report back to the wider cult on a regular basis.

Equipment Share

Building a bank of affordable film equipment, similar to a tool library, Edinburgh Based

Fair Film

Production branch, exploring and facilitating fair productions

Vibe Guardians

Protecting cult morale, needs and accessibility

Brainwashing Department

Outreach and social media masterminds

Help us build something new

Support the world you want to live in and show there is a desire for a more progressive and sustainable world of filmmaking.

Why Donations?

Our commitment to find solutions without waiting for government support makes it harder for us to secure funding than other charities and non-profits. This means we rely on, and are beholdant to the people who make up our community.

Our Track Record and Numbers

A small amount goes a long way with us. We managed to start an equipment share, a project which should have cost us 10-30K for a much smaller £3,000. This project is on track to save indie filmmakers £41,600 by the end of next year by providing access to £148,164 worth of equipment - a serious impact.See our Transparent Spending

What we will spend it on

After the successful launch of our equipment share our resources for other projects are pretty much at zero. We have started our Fair Film project but will need support in order to pull it off.

Monthly Support

We've reached a point where our small numbers are bottlenecking what we know we can do.By spreading a donation across a regular interval it allows the group to become resiliant and sustainable enough for us to plan our next big moves.

Keep us anti-corporate by buying some art :)

Here's this years run down:


Tools and materials to aid the alternative.


We're stronger together, use the graphics as you please!

The Film Cult Graphics Package, Logos etc.


Information on how we organise, roles and values.

Digital Launch Zine
Cult Members Handbook
The Film Cult Manifesto (coming soon)
What is my role? 🧚 Responsibility Packs


Ideas for change within the cult.

In Discussion:

Membership Proposal

In The Stack:

Planning Proposal


View All


Recordings and written notes of past meetings.

Meeting Notes + Video Recording Archive


Consensus Agreement Explained - Seeds for Change
How Consensus Democracy Works - Andrewism Youtube Video
^^ These first two resources are a great intro to consensus
Community Organising Guide - Neighborhood Anarchists
^^ A series of zines on consensus and conflict resolution
On Conflict and Consensus: a handbook on Formal Consensus decisionmaking
^^ The consensus bible, any questions still? This is your answer
Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next) - Dean Spade
^^ A book on community organisation and mutual aid groups


Looking Glass Report 2022 - Film and TV Charity
Production is Broken Report
Albert (Sustainability in Film and TV)